Your brother is sick, and you have a chance to save his life, but you will have to lose everything in order to progress... Test your skills in this challenging pixel art platformer!

A game by @fullmontis

This is a vastly improved and expanded game upon the original LD43 compo game. Please play the postjam version (unless you have to rate the game for the jam) for an optimal experience!

Please use Firefox or Chrome for a better experience!


  • LEFT/RIGHT to move
  • Z to jump and skip scenes
  • S to scale game pixel ratio (1:1, 1:2, 1:4)
  • C to restart from last checkpoint (press twice)
  • R to reset game from start (press twice)
  • H to hide lifebar

How To Play:

  •  The plants are poisonous and will reduce your heart count. If they reach less than zero, you are dead and will start from last checkpoint.
  •  Pressing Z for a different length of time will allow you to make shorter or longer jumps. Both are required to complete the game, so practice!
  •  You can fall off a ledge and still jump once. This is a vital gameplay mechanic that you will need to progress, since it will allow you to jump under certain obstacles
  • Choose the optimal route for completing the game. Sacrifice either visibility, hearts or jumping range to progress. Be careful with your choices, and reach the end alive!


2018-12-29: Fixed bug where you couldn't reset from the last room.


The original compo game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43 by me, fullmontis.

Contact me on Twitter if you liked it! There you will be able to find other projects of mine. You can also check out my other games if you like this one.


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This is an exceptional platformer.  I am very pleased with this.  You did an excellent job.  I think my favourite parts were spotting the hidden hearts, and eventually reaching the good ending.

I think that addition of a good ending is what kept me playing.  The enticement of seeing a happy ending for the story.  And it payed off.  Thank you.  I think I needed that.


Thank you, I'm really happy that you enjoyed your time with this.


Got the good ending on my fifth try and had fun every time. Interesting concept with great execution makes a fun game that is hard to make old.

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed your time with it!


This game is addicting! Great work!

Thank you!


Good End get! I loved this, reminded me a lot of classic edgy freeware games like Seven Minutes or Don't Look Back. The changes in the updated version were super-smart and well-done too. Thanks for telling this story and then expanding it!

Thank you for playing it!

in fact if we lost one  heart we lost ? at the end i mean ?

It took me 3 times. Last time I survived by a single life. Thank goodness for the red pips on the bottom near the meter. I would hate to lose by a single heart again. Excellent game.

Good job! I'm happy you liked it

I got stuck at the second screen after you either scrifice vision or two hearts. I thought it was very interesting that you sacrifice a heart at each checkpoint.

Here is a gif on how to do this jump. It's probably the hardest jump in the game to do without damage, but I think it's not a big deal if you hit the plant.

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the heart mechanic creates unique risk/reward situations in order to progress (if I risk going for that heart now, I'll be able to make more mistakes later) and is a clever way of making the good ending require skill. love the atmosphere, all around great game.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

i love this game

Thank you!

Absolutely loved this game!!  Big fan of your stuff!  Keep it up!!


Thank you for the video! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

Very cute fun little game, enjoyed it a lot and the music was so good, stay awesome :)

you should make more games like this because you are so good at it and you respond to players and improved the game alot since the jam and put so much work into it. Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for the comment, you're very kind. I will do more for sure!

Looking forward to it!!!

Wow, that was a really good game. The art, the platforming, the idea, the story, the music. Everything is good. It is pretty hard and i didn't beat it yet. I recommend you to try to improve it more than the postjam version and try harder and you will succeed. 9/10.

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Thank you for the kind comment PopSoda!

Its a very interesting game, I like the story.  But I feel that you made it a slight bit more difficult than it should be (unless that was the intention), and the mechanics are a bit repetative.  I would love to see more mechanics placed into this game.  Combine that with the current story and I think we've got an amazing game on our hands.  ;-)

Thank you JuicySponge for the comment! Yeah, I wanted it to be a little on the hard side so it's intended.

I'm sorry if you feel it's a little repetitive, personally I still find it fun to play despite having played through it at least a few dozen times through development, but maybe it's just because I made a game that I would personally like to play. More mechanics would actually spoil the experience because the game is mostly about the choices you make to reach the end more than the platforming itself. Sorry about that! Hope you can still find some enjoyment out of it.

Amazing, thank you for making such a interesting game.

Thank you!

How many hearts in total are there on the map?

There are 33. Happy new year!

The one game that getting a checkpoint can kill you.

Good job on your submission! I love the use of the theme. The difficulty is nice the only part I found a bit frustrating was hitting the ceiling made some of the jumps more difficult than expected. Not even the dangerous ones, the ones where you're only trying to fit between two tiles. Maybe adding a very small fraction of time where you don't instantly fall back down after hitting the ceiling would be nice.

I like it.  Asks you to make choices that matter, and there's a terse but meaningful story.

Really cool game!


I didn't participate in the LD, but I have to admit, I love the way the tutorial is presented: the mechanic is drawn on the screen + the game forces you to use it. Good job. 

Thank you!

You should definitely make a reload function when you have time :D
About the gameplay, the left / right movement seems so slow / heavy compared to the height of the jump. I felt this a bit strange. 

Thanks for the info! I'm working on a postjam version so I'll take your suggestions