Game and OST now available for download!

I have just released the game for download and the OST for the game. A video of the soundtrack is also available on YouTube.

I got a lot of requests to make the game available as a download, so here it is!

IMPORTANT! The downloadable game is just the raw HTML data that I upload to the official page; since the game is a browser app, it may have problems when running locally. I reccomend using Firefox to run it; for additional info please read the README in the game page.


Fallen Girl - Backup Download (v1.1.4).zip 19 MB
Aug 28, 2020
Fallen Girl 13 MB
Aug 05, 2020

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I was able to download the OST, but not the game. Is that in a separate place?

Sorry about that, I updated the version but forgot to make it downloadable again. Try it now

Looks good now. Thanks for the quick fix!