You are a monster. Generate your children, let them grow and then eat them to get nutriment from them before they do the same with you. Try and survive for as long as you can.

How to play:

Survive for as many seconds as you can.

The number at the top of the screen is your health. You die when it reaches 0 or below. Your health drops constantly and with increased demand over time.

Use your underground legs to suck the life out of your children. The more you let the larvae grow, the more nutriment they will give you. But be wary, after a while they will start feeding on you.


Only the mouse is required to play.

Click the branches on the top of the screen to generate a larva.

Click the middle of the screen to shoot your leg out and impale any larvae.

Click underground on the bottom of the screen to knock on the floor, scattering the larvas on the surface.


Game made by fullmontis for Ludum Dare #33 in 72 hours.This is the adapted post jam version, done in about one week.

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