You are a monster. Generate your children, let them grow and then eat them to get nutriment from them before they do the same with you. Try and survive for as long as you can.

This is more of an experiment in atmosphere than an actual game, so don't expect too much.


Game made by fullmontis for Ludum Dare #33 in 72 hours.This is the adapted post jam version, done in about one week.

Checkout my other games if you liked this one. I mostly make visual novels.

How to play

--Check out the tutorial on the right for a quick intro.--

Survive for as many seconds as you can.

The number at the top of the screen is your health. You die when it reaches 0 or below. Your health drops constantly and with increased demand over time.

Use your underground legs to suck the life out of your children. The more you let the larvae grow, the more nutriment they will give you. But be wary, after a while they will start feeding on you.


  • Only the mouse is required to play.
  • Click the branches on the top of the screen to generate a larva.
  • Click the middle of the screen to shoot your leg out and impale any larvae.
  • Click underground on the bottom of the screen to knock on the floor, scattering the larvas on the surface and preventing them from burrowing.


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The category is wrong, it's not a puzzle

What category should it be in? To me puzzle is the closest


"Action" because it relays on testing player's reflexes rather than on thinking skills or creativity. If the game were much slower it would be trivial to sustain the monster tree indefinitely, so it doesn't require much thinking or insight.

Pretty neat, nice art style and audio!


Thank you!

I know you said this was an experiment with atmosphere (its pretty good btw) but I feel like this would be a cool easter egg: if you left the larvae long enough they begin to grow into arm tree monsters too and then you could try to keep them alive too

Thanks for the suggestion! It's an interesting idea but I think it's too complex for me to implement.


No worries, i know i couldnt make something as good as the game you made so im happy anyway, keep doing what you're good at!

Nice! I had lots of fun killing my kids XD The atmosphere is pretty good, I'd  say. I can see other human trees in the background. If you were to expand upon this, maybe there could be different kinds of kids to raise and kill, haha.

And now I have a question: are we some spider-tree-man thing? 'Cause to me, it seems we have branches like a tree, a human body, and a weird body with legs underneath the ground.


Thanks for the comment! Yeah exactly, it is a weird fusion of the three.

This was really good! thanks for sharing!!!

Thank you for playing!

I really like the art style, For some reason it reminds me of games like Gyosait.

It might be good, but it was too small to see what was going on.

Yeah it is kinda small. If it is too small for your screen, you can zoom in the page, that will help.

Sorry, I realized that you may be using the itch app so I doubled up the size of the game to make it more playable. If you reinstall the game it should be better now.