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A short dialogue about love and hope

~1000 words

Cute and relaxing atmosphere

Available languages: English, Italiano, Español Latino, Português (BR), Русский

Made by fullmontis for the 02A2 Visual Novel Jam


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That Day at The Park - PC.zip 56 MB
Version 1.3.2
That Day At The Park - MacOS.zip 21 MB
Version 1.3.2

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Hey there, I downloaded this game & when I load either x32 or x64, black screen pops up then exits. I tried running it under admin but still nothing. any suggestions? :/

hi, there should be a log/text file somewhere in the launched program folder, can you link/send it to me? Email is fullmontis as gmail

Deleted 290 days ago

That's me, when I saw the "the end" sign at the most interesting

I'm sorry it ruined your day! 

A lovely game with a sprinkle of hope at the end which was really enjoyable :) 

Thank you for reading! And merry christmas! 

I noticed your VN has been translated into quite a few languages already... Would you like me to pass it to my first language too?

Sure! Send me a mail, you can find it on my website!

ok, it was just some troubles with itch, I've downloaded your game with browser, and everything works. So I rly enjoyed this style of art, this girl is really a cutie <3 And the dialogue is rather predictable and clear, but why not? It warmed my heart, great job)

Happy that you liked it!

Short, touching, and with a lovely art style ^^ Thank you.

Thank you for reading :)

You're welcome! ^^

I don't know why, but I always have problems with installing your games. :(  When I try to install your game, the installation is suddenly stops. Files of your game are in my installation folder but they are all corrupted, and I can't launch them. So I can't try your game...

That is very odd, are you on Windows? The game should just launch without having to install. Are you using the itch app? 

Yea, I'm on Windows 10 and I use the itch app. When I click the "Download now" button, I have some files to download there. But when I start downloading them, the installation suddenly stops...

It seems there is some problem with the itch app not recognizing the files, I will need to check it out. In the meantime you could download the files directly, they should work fine that way

I uploaded a new build, can you check if it works now?

Super loved this!! Also, super glad to see you're still making stuff :D

Thanks for the video :D

Thanks for watching :)

The artwork is beyond adorable, and I love the falling leaves! I was so happy the ending got to be a happy one too! I'm sort of like that, no interest in a partner, but I feel sometimes I should give up hope on things that do matter to me... but I just can't, so I'm happy to see these character not being able to quite give up on what matters to them!❤

Happy you liked it :)

Cute art, surprised there wasn't at least a "talk to her"/"no, go away and be miserable instead" choice but hey a jam's gotta jam! :D

Thank you!

This was an adorable piece that felt so warm. Sometimes even when things go wrong, life has something better in store!

Glad you like it :)

Lovely little moment in time, it's was cute how awkward they both are. Hope prevails once more! :) 

Thank you!