Defend yourself and the flower from the rain of swords. Resist through all the waves to win.

Controller is highly reccomended!

Arrows/D-pad/Analog: move
V/Cross: jump
C/Square: attack
X/R2: run
Enter/Start: restart
M: mute/unmute sound

Made by fullmontis for the Ludum Dare 46 Jam

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It Rains Swords 16 MB
It Rains Swords Linux.tar.gz 17 MB
It Rains Swords 17 MB


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so you're saying this guy is willing to take two swords to the head to protect a goddamn flower?! what is the lore to this game?

I think you're going in this with the wrong attitude

so he is willing to risk his life to protect not his loved one, but a flower on his loved ones grave. she's(?) already dead!

Kept it alive! I love the tone and ambiance of this game.

Thanks for playing!