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I can t stared the game, im using a chromebook laptop. 

I don't know if you already tried, but you have to drag the "start game" thing on the bubble to start the game

...I feel so stupid now, thanks haha

Don't worry! Let me know what you think! :)

Lol, pretty nice game, I enjoyed it!

Thank you!

im stuck i cant start the game

What device are you using?

Hey ! I really liked your game and how you used the game mecanics to think about how dialog works. Might seem like a standard game about anxiety, but you pictured good how our thought can "get in our ways", and I think that's a really good thing about this game. Good job and thanks you for making it ! :) 

Thank you! I'm really really happy you liked it.

really cool game i thought the main mechanic was cool and i actually like the writing it was sweet and realistic and it does have some humor in it like trying not to say "i like your breasts" to her makes me giggle 

This is an incredible game! Short, sweet, and too the point XD


Good god this is social anxiety the game xD

Seems like a cool game, but honestly couldn't play it long because it seriously gave me a panic attack lol Maybe if the thoughts moved slightly slower? But that's just my silly opinion.


Sorry about that! Yeah, it was kind of the point of the game to create a little social anxiety. Don't let that stop you though! Being awkward is part of being human.

pushing away thoughts of "i love your breasts" and "i practiced for two hours to tell you i love you" was the most stressful thing ever but i found love!! hell yeah! nice game :D

Thank you!


The thoughts... they cannot be controlled!  XD

Cool idea for a game mechanic!  It really put the pressure on to keep some thoughts away while thinking up a response.  ^^  

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


it make me think a lot of things about my self , thanks for this game

Thank you so much for playing!




I'm glad you liked it Angela!