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I got stuck instantly because the character cant jump high enough to get past the first jump the character only jumps 1.5 blocks and I cant jump higher no matter what I tried ok I managed to get through that by jumping mid air but now I have to jump 2 blocks up. edit: works fine on a different browser

9th favourite Game of 2023 (Others are listed in this Blog Post)
Am gonna gib some few bucks when I finished post.
Just gonna repost my review here publicly as comment so I can refer to it in the post (why are itch review private anyways).

Gotta be some of the best games of this size I played.

I just love stories that are expressed with gameplay like this, actually being the character and getting your (very standard) abilities taken away is fantastic.

The jump in itself feels really good to control, though I'd say it is a bit floaty (or maybe it's just the very large gap in timing between your smallest and highest jump, it feels like the time time difference betwen how long they take to reach their apex is just too high).

The level design is also quite good at playing around with your abilities. But I'd say it is the weakest part of the game, not that it's bad it just feels some too frustrating.

I also think I will try getting through to the end with the required amount of hearts.

I like!

Nice! Thanks for playing!!

Got the good ending yeaaaaah babyyyy

Ohh that's great! Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed it ^^

Hats off!!

Thank you for playing!

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The game is very nice, but there is something that bothers me and that is that you can not play it on the desktop of the pc besides not having options to speed up the performance of the game to make it lighter and less heavy so you would not have problems with the jumps (literally I stayed in the second part of the beginning, where you have to jump the spikes because the character does not jump so high).

PD: The index does not load.

This game is incredible, I remember having played it last year and today it's still as cool as before and it's distressing to see her suffering without her eyesight and legs, the ost is also very magnificent and after all the effort to conquer the true ending is rewarding

Forgive any English mistakes, I'm using google translator

It seems that if the framerate starts to drop, the maximum jump height goes down (I'm unable to jump even a single block up at the very start of the game, making it ultimately unplayable)

This is a cute little game, good ending took a bit of skill to get, but overall was fun!

thanks, happy that you liked it!

Now that i think about it, this game would be a bit different every time you fall and do the death animation ((Like at start)) you loose a heart.

I'm beyond impressed.Still haven't gotten the good ending.The fact that you made this is a custom JS engine is super impressive. I can't wait to see what else you have made. I'm just starting making games and I would Love any advice you have. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring game!

Thank you, happy that you enjoyed it! The game is rather simple, so doing it in raw js isn't that hard tbh, but you can always check out the source if you want to know how I made it work.

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I have a question does this game have a speedrun leaderboard or something to post our times at like on

I am looking to speedrun the game to get the good ending.

Not that I'm aware of but if someone wants to create it I don't mind it

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ok im going to create a game request in

Im going to have to wait 5 days tho because I just created my account and I can't create a game request if I just created my account.

cool, let me know how it turns out

Btw I completed a good ending speedrun just can't post it because my speedrun account isn't old enough so im gonna have to wait but when my account is good im gonna tell you

btw just submitted the game request to so we just have to wait 1-4 weeks for the game to be accepted.

my chromebook is at one percent battery i still have not gotten the good ending (it started at 59 percent)

I can't even get over the first jump...

I've wanted to make a video about this game for over a year now but never gotten around to it. Would you be alright if I did?

sure, you are welcome to!

The video should be finished soon. There have been many delays but it is finally getting close to being finished. I originally planned on it being 5 minutes long or so but it is turning out to be way, way longer.

I remember playing this quite a while back, never managed to finish it though. Now I'm a little less awful at platformers and the like, I wanted to try this game again, but it felt harder than I remembered it being. The first time, I actually got to a point where I had to sacrifice something, and this time I couldn't clear the second room after the first checkpoint, the one that tells you to jump after walking off ledges, no matter how much I tried. Even the very first jump took an embarrassing amount of tries. Double digits, easily.

I can see why, too. My jump height seems to be about a third less than it probably used to be? In the little preview gifs on this page and the bit of gameplay I watched from a video in the comments, the girl can jump a little higher than two full blocks - which means she can jump out of the pit from the first jump, and over the two plants near the end of the room below the first checkpoint. I barely make it halfway past the second block, which means that I had to reset every time I failed the first jump and taking damage from those last two plants seems inevitable. I can pick up the first heart, just barely. If I'm not perfectly centred below it, I won't reach high enough, but the top of the girl's head will just barely hit the heart if I am. Moving and falling speed also seems a little slower, though it's possible the gifs and video are just a little sped up.

Unless this is a difficulty tweak that got added in the newer versions of the game, could this be some kind of bug? I know holding the jump button for different lengths changes the jump height, but my jump is this short even if I hold it until I land on the floor again. With Z, with spacebar, even if I hold both at the same time. Not that I expected that to work, but it was worth a shot? And it's like this in both the web version and standalone v2.0.2 download. Sadly, I can't test older download versions because they stay stuck on the loading screen, even though I use Firefox.

Well, all of that only really matters if it is a bug. Please don't mind me if it's an intended difficulty tweak. I'm still not very good at platformers, after all.

It's definitely a bug, technically one should be able to complete the whole game without getting hit once. 

I have no idea what the cause could be though. Do you have by chance a screen refresh rate higher than 60hz? Or some other thing that could affect the game's framerate

I do have a higher refresh rate, but even when I set it to 59.951 Hz, it doesn't seem to get much better. I notice the jump height is pretty inconsistent too.

As I'm measuring my jump height in the first pit, on the web version I can jump a little higher. As I said before, I can jump higher than one block at least. Looking at the sprite of the second block, the minimal jump height when I hold for the whole jump reaches the top of the dark part on the second pixel "column", I'd say. I imagine that's about six pixels into the second block? And the maximum seems to be a little over the dark part of the first column, so that should be about nine or ten pixels? Almost enough to jump over the block and out of the pit.

In the downloaded version, I can just barely reach the six pixels, web version minimum as the highest jump height. The minimum is still within the dark part of the sixth and seventh columns, so that would be around three pixels high? The downloaded version also feels like it moves a little slower, but I'm not sure and the audio doesn't sound any different.

Whether or not I hold A or D or an arrow key while jumping doesn't seem to matter. And now I'm testing on 143.856 Hz again, the jumps are also apparently inconsistent there. Though the web version seems to reach the minimum jump height more often, and the downloaded version the maximum jump height, the ranges are still the same. Or maybe I lose one pixel on the web version's maximum?

I don't know if these details matter, but I figured it might be helpful somehow? If not, sorry for the rambling, I suppose. I don't know of anything other than my refresh rate that could affect the game's framerate, but that probably doesn't mean there can't still be something I don't know about on my end that does do something wrong.

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download and web versions are exactly the same, so it's weird there are differences. And if you set the framerate to 60 ideally it would need to fix the bug if that was the cause, but since it doesn't I'm really not sure what the cause could be honestly. I'm sorry that this problem came up and ruined the experience for you.

Do you have by chance another pc or laptop you could test it on?

EDIT:also, what browser are you using? This game was designed to be played with Chrome or Firefox, other browsers may not work properly

Well, after some more testing I've come to the conclusion that there's definitely still some weirdness going on that I'd love to tell you if it matters, but the end result is simply that Chrome usually works well. Even though Firefox should also have worked. But as long as there's one way to play it properly, I don't really see a reason to complain.

Thank you for your help, here! Because the description said that Firefox and Chrome were both the intended browsers and I always use Firefox, I don't think I would have gotten the idea to try Chrome. And even if I had, changing the refresh rate might (but might also not, it's all very weird) have affected something, and in that case I definitely would never have figured it out on my own. I know it's probably been a lot of effort on just one player, but I really do appreciate it!

Well I'm happy that you can at least play it! It's weird though cause the whole game was developed in firefox, so I'd guess it would work better out of the two, but who knows what happened.

do you not have to lose a single heart to get the good ending

No you can lose a few

Is a tribute to Cave Story from Pixel (Daisuke Amaya) for i can see. Exactly the same type of art, who someone who deeply love CS i liked that detail. So is pretty hard, is a good scale of difficult but i would only change a few jumps to make it more enjoable. Fun for a brief game but could be better. Thanks you for sharing it.

Thank you for playing!

Finally! I unlocked the good ending. Wow, that was so hard. But the game wake up my competitive spirit. I try and try until i make it. Hope to see a more complex version in a future, So like CS you could make more endings, ost, characters and other features (like the booster in CS) Ah! i forgot to metion. If you have exactly 20 hearts the fall substract all of it except one BUT! the bad ending still trigger it and you can't move or do anything. 

Someone already told that here in the comments. Good luck. Again thanks for sharing.

Thank you for playing, and congrats on getting the good ending! And I'm really sorry about the bug, it's fixed now (it wasn't here before, I think it slipped in as I worked on the standalone version)

I think the game is complete as it is for what I wanted it to do, so it won't be expanded further, it would spoil the experience. But I'm definitely looking forward to making more games soon!

I got the good ending on my 3rd try with one heart left

Happy that you could reach it! Thanks for playing!

Someday I will beat this game

I love this game!!! It was very hard to get the good ending as it made me skip all checkpoints and sacrifice everything but hearts, but it's totally worth it!! Thank you for introducing this game to reality!

Thank you for playing!!!

This is so janky, next time you make a game just use WASD keys for movement and the spacebar for jumping. Name me one popular game in 2022 that actually uses the arrow keys for movement. This isn't 2015, take notes from games better than yours.

Hello, I just added WASD + spacebar controls, let me know if it works better for you!

hmm dunno.. touhou, celeste? any platformer actually. don't be so hostile because of such minor stuff

It was very hard for me to even pass the first level, I must suck.

Deleted post

love this game!!

Thanks for playing :) Happy that you like it!

Loved this game ! Took me something like 80 minutes to do both endings (sacrificed both eyes and some hearts, I think that was the easiest way) It was really fun and challenging to play ! Cute graphics and good gameplay !

thank you so much for playing! Really happy that you enjoyed your time with it!


You can find my review down in the description.

Good Job! Keep Up The Good Work!

Thank you so much for playing and for the video! You were pretty brave, getting the good ending with two broken legs is probably the hardest path, and I'm glad you were able to succeed anyway!

This was really nice, i loved the artstyle !

Thank you for playing!

Very nice.

Good graphics and nice gameplay.

Good art as well!

Thank you very much :)

You're welcome.

Got the good ending with 4 hearts to spare. What a nice game

Thank you! Happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

After a few tries, I got the good ending. Yay! Very nice!

Good job! And thank you for playing!

so I kinda beat the game and got exactly 20 hearts but still got the bad ending.

That's odd! I just tested it with exactly 20 hearts and that worked. There are exactly 19 heart containers at the end so 20 hearts should be more than enough... I apologize for the inconvenience

Im not good at playing video games in general and it took me a while. However, I absolutely loved the game and considering I hardly play games, ill be playing this game more often since i love it! Goodjob Fullmontis!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! I am so happy to know that you liked the game :)

This was awesome. I spent about an hour to get the good ending, and then another 2 hours to get no damage + all hearts. Really challenging but never got frustrating. Great game!

Thank you for playing! I  am so happy you were able to enjoy the game so much!

this is really hard :<

It is! But it gets easier once you know it a little more

I love this game! The OST and mechanics are great. I will reply to this once I get the good end.

Thanks for playing! Hope you get the good ending!

i love this game really makes me have to time my jumps

Thank you for playing!

it was a great game! I got the first ending, but I was unable to get the second one. thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Just got the good ending on my second playthrough, wonderful game! The mechanics were unique enough, where every choice matters, that I can see myself playing it again. I'll be checking out more of your work. Love the OST btw

Thank you for playing, happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

For anyone that downloaded the game and can't play it in Firefox for some reason, you can create a local server on your machine to play, or run it through a program like Brackets that will do it for you. I had to use the latter method, but it works like a charm now.


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