Ali's only movement method is her trusted bazooka, Cigar. Jump around and kill all the enemies, and try not to kill yourself!

If you have problems with the web wersion, try downloading the game for your desktop below.

How to Play

Shooting the bazooka or getting hit by enemies bullets raises your heartbeat.

You lose if your heartbeat goes above 220 bpm!

Use Painkillers to reduce your heartbeat.

Use the bazooka's backfire to move on the screen.

Kill all the critters to complete the game!

Play in fullscreen for the best experience


  • Arrows: move/aim
  • z: shoot bazooka
  • x: backfire (use to jump)
  • c: use painkiller


Made by Andrea Montagna (@fullmontis) for the LD44 compo in 48 hours.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withKrita, Audacity, Godot
Tags2D, Cute, Fast-Paced, Female Protagonist, Funny, Hand-drawn, Ludum Dare 44
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast
LinksLudum Dare


Download 14 MB
LD44_LINUX.tar.gz 17 MB
Download 18 MB
Download 3 MB


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This is some of the most funny little games I played this year, I'm happy the "assets" shown as the thumbnail of got me to check out your page and find this.

The concept is freaking hilarious and genuinely fun to play (though unsure if I like the heartbeat-rate being restrictive, though that's just me loving to shmove around). And on top of that is some fun character-design and some really neat sound-effects.

There's two things I would recommend to keep in mind for future games (I thought I had more but I can't remember them right now):

1. Give your character some maximum fall speed. Unlimited fallspeed is pretty much always unwanted (though in this case it might end up messing with shooting yourself down, so I might've also not bothered with trying to find a workaround for that in a jam setting)

2. There's some issue in how you detect wether you're on the ground, this kind of looks like either your collision shapes are a mess or you use some faulty setup with raycasts for cheking forground instead of just using is_on_floor() (looking at newer stuff that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore)

I also wanted to ask if you'd allow me to use this concept for a little game myself. This is one of those concepts I'd love to try playing around with when I have time.

Happy that you like it! And sure, you can play around with the concept if you want
I think I didn't put any limits mostly because I wanted the player to have control over the top speed they can reach

This is a really cute idea, I love the art style and the overall concept. It was a lot of fun to finish!
I feel like with some more polish, you could have a really great game on your hands!

Thank you for playing!

(1 edit)

I know it's entirely pointless to point out bugs to this, nor do I expect them to be fixed, but they do somewhat undermine the game's difficulty. Fun diversion besides that though.

The only way I could lose was being attacked by an enemy. I can shoot until 219 BPM. When I shoot once more, it gets kicked backwards to 217 BPM where it just stays regardless of shooting more.
Spacebar combines both Z and X commands at once, which seems unintended.

Thanks for pointing these out!

That was an Enjoyable little game  :)

I really liked the character!


This Game's Awesome

Glad you liked it!

Such a simple, yet awesome game. Love it <3

Thank you! Happy you liked it!

Awesome Game! Simple,Cute & Fun to play game!:D

I Hope You don't mind if I upload my gameplay of the game in my Youtube channel. I want to share it with my friend and everyone!

 Thank You!

Good Job! Keep Up the Good Work! :3

I don't mind at all, thanks for the video!

"That was a BLAST!!" This is cute, Ali's characterization gives it so much good energy.

great concept, although I dont think you have the controls quite down yet. maybe incorporate the mouse in some way. still awesome so far! keep it up! <3

Dayuum, that is tough!

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Nice video with black screen and exciting music! :)

(HTML5 Win version plays only music with black screen)

(I guess it is a "mus/crazy.ogg" playing)

I clicked different buttons several times but nothing happen.

Try reloading the page, it does it for me sometimes, I don't know why though.

(1 edit)

Reinstalled the game, left it for an hour or more (just waited), closed and opened again but nothing changed. I can't help you about Godot but I want to, really.

Wait, you're talking about the web version? In that case you should just download the Windows Desktop version from the downloads, that should work (I tested it).

Oh, I guess there are some misunderstanding between us. Let me show you. In the very beginning you can find download buttons for different platforms. After clicking at Windows version I can see such situation (screenshot). There are 2 files I can download. If I load 1st file and try to open the game, the directory of the game is opened and nothing happen. If I download 2nd file, there is Web version with black screen and music. And as you can see under "Rocket jump and make thinks go boom" (screenshot) there is "Игра" ("Game"). And there I can't find an icon of Windows. Apple, Linux, HTML5 but no Windows. Maybe I can't find something but I guess I did everything correct.

Ah crap, you're right, I'm sorry! I forgot to add the check for the window version. Try it now, it should work.