"From great powers come even greater headaches."

A Strange Package - A fun Visual Novel by Andrea Montagna.

Discover the problematic luck of having a piece of legend coming by chance in your mail. Interact with two different characters and try to get away with

Three different endings... Be sure to find them all.

If you need help with the endings check the walkthrough in the downloads

Audio won't work in Safari... Sorry about that.

Jam Version - My other games


A Strange Package - Walkthrough.txt 448 bytes


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Ah, nice! I got the best ending last! It was pretty satisfying.

thanks for playing! Happy that you enjoyed it!

Ony tipped me off to this game and I very much enjoyed it:D
Love your stuff and I'll be sure to play more ^^

Thank you very much for the video, happy that you liked it!

Nice, found a hidden fullmontis game

It was great as always

Thank you!

how get good ending?

This is very late, but if you;re wondering, it's the TRUE ending.  You have to tell Eliza and the masked guy the truth.

I've just played the game and got the 3.5 endings :) Nice story! The "text written with the stone" thing was a cool plot-twist!

Well, this sure is entertaining and the True Ending wraps the simple but so kind message of being honest :')

I am happy you liked it! Thank you for playing!

This is a nice little game. Very worth checking out guys.

Thank you very much Nguyen for your comment, glad you enjoyed it