A Soul of Clay - An Adventure Game

In this game you are a golem who just woke up in his creator's room. You need to understand what is gong on, and how to escape.

The power you are gifted with is the possibliy of shaping your body and hands. With it, you can copy the tools you get in touch with, and give yourself a chance.

There is an in game tutorial. It is highly reccomended to follow it to the letter. The game uses only the mouse.

If stuck, you can check out the walkthrough in the downloads.


Move mouse: discover hotspots. The nearer you are, the brighter they are.
Click left/right mouse: advance in dialogues.
left click: examine an object / act on it with the current shape
right click: take the shape of an items (works only on some items) / Remove the current shape 

Made in HTML5/js. Tested with Firefox 45. It should work with all the major browsers, but in case of problems, try Firefox (and please report any strange behaviour). Thank you.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tagsalchemy, Escape Game, Hand-drawn, Ludum Dare 35, Magic, Point & Click, Story Rich, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, Interactive tutorial


A Soul of Clay - Walkthrough.txt 1 kB


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OOOOH i see sumthin, i think the one that made the golem was the one who became it!

cool! thanks for making this :)

Thanks for playing!

nice game. took me an hour to move past the hammer part

Thanks for playing!

Okay so I got to the very last bit before the handle, but it refuses to let me heat it. Every time I try to interact with it while having the powder in the bowl, it just won't let me. I know it's lit, but why won't it act like it? (side note: not meant to be an attack on developer, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I checked the walk-through and it says I'm doing it right, but it won't let me heat it?)

I don't know if you missed a step but you need to a. Have the candle on the table and lit; b. Have all three ingredients in the bowl; c. Have your hand in the shape of the bowl to scoop up the dust. If you've done all of this and it still doesn't let you do it then maybe it's a bug! But if it is I can't seem to replicate it.

I did all of that, and if I click on just the candle with nothing, it's lit, but with the bowl it just doesn't work.

That's odd! What's the message you get as a response when you try to use the candle?

I think it was "You need a source of heat" when I had the powder, but when I didn't, it was "A magical lit candle"

Ohh okay now I understand! The bug is that the description says that the candle is there after you break the drawer but it actually isn't!

What you actually need to do is get the shape of the hand and act on the drawer to put the candle on the table! Otherwise there is no candle there haha.

Sorry about that, I pushed an update that should fix it and make it less confusing. And thanks for helping me find the bug!

I liked it! The point and click could get a little frustrating when I didn't see what needed to happen next, but personally for me it only happened when I didn't see the corner of the rug :p 

But besides that, everything was intuitive or could quickly be fixed by a little brute force clicking :p

I felt sorry for the poor golem, having come to life with no one to talk to :( I hope they have a good life! I wonder if the old dude will come back to life...after all, there was that passage about being deconstructed and reconstructed owo

Thanks for the feedback, and happy that you liked it! 

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Hey dude, I was playing this and... I am real dumb

I got the candle and that's it, the walkthrough doesn't work anymore... help please lol

Just added the walkthrough to the downloads! Hope that helps!

It did! Finished playing it, I really liked the story, one bad point would be that I am dumb and never know when I can take the shape of something, I stood like, 10 minutes not knowing I could become hammer and I got stuck by not becoming the instruments.

Thank you for the feedback!