A Soul of Clay - An Adventure Game

In this game you are a golem who just woke up in his creator's room. You need to understand what is gong on, and how to escape.

The power you are gifted with is the possibliy of shaping your body and hands. With it, you can copy the tools you get in touch with, and give yourself a chance.

There is an in game tutorial. It is highly reccomended to follow it to the letter. The game uses only the mouse.

If stuck, you can check out the walkthrough (opens in new tab).


Move mouse: discover hotspots. The nearer you are, the brighter they are.
Click left/right mouse: advance in dialogues.
left click: examine an object / act on it with the current shape
right click: take the shape of an items (works only on some items)

Made in HTML5/js. Tested with Firefox 45. It should work with all the major browsers, but in case of problems, try Firefox (and please report any strange behaviour). Thank you.

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